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Designer Totes & Backpacks in Fresh Colors for Every Season
Our newest Extra-large Tote is roomy enough to pack your life in and run away! 

New Extra-Large Tote
Extra-Large Tote shown in Mosaic #5
Spring Tote
Large Backpack shown in Spring Color #26

View our newest collection -
Extra-Large Designer Totes!

Constructed from a hand-woven 2’ x 3’ rug, each one is densely warped, making them extremely durable. 
Made of cotton, they are washable and feature a twisted-ply button loop and closure cord with a solid brass snap bolt

Available unlined or lined with roomy pockets on each side plus a small key or cell phone pocket with Velcro closure.

View our Original collection of
Designer Totes and Backpacks

Hand-woven of fabric strips, these bags are ingenious, durable, and unlike anything you will find in a department store. The five-strand braided handle is woven into the bag and is considerate of your shoulder. 

They close with a hand-crafted button of Canadian yew, each one unique. An optional interior pocket divides the bag in half and includes a small cell phone pocket near the top. 



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