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Green Statement

The Weavery is committed to the improvement and subsequent preservation of the environment.  We are mindful of the environmental impacts of our raw materials and manufacturing processes and do our best to leave the smallest footprint. 

These are our materials:

Fabric strips used as weft or filler are bought from supplies of new material classed as waste by the textile industry.  This classification is due either to mistakes in the dye house, flaws in the fabric, or fabric leftover from the production of a specific order.  Recycling fabric into rag rugs has been a tradition for centuries as frugal households transformed textiles too worn for further use into something new and useful.  We are proud to continue this tradition in the 21st century.  A lot of our fabric is 100% cotton or wool, although some is blended with polyester or rayon.  All of our woven goods can be recycled themselves at the end of their life cycle, often by reweaving the original fabric into a new warp, another service we offer to help protect our environment. 

Cotton carpet warp is the traditional thread used to weave rag rugs.  It is a 100% natural renewable plant fiber.

50/50 poly-cotton warp is sometimes used to gain another color in our palette and for situations where increased durability and less susceptibility to fading are desirable.

New Zealand wool yarn is an exceptional quality, 100 % natural, premium wool we have custom-dyed in Georgia.   It is renewable and biodegradable.

Linen and jute are natural renewable plant fibers that we use in their natural colors.

Our rugs are all reversible, requiring no synthetic backing.  We recommend using our Rubber Anchor II (made of renewable natural rubber) or EcoNet rug pads (renewable natural rubber and jute) to prevent slippage and increase wear.  Our supplier of EcoNet pads plants a tree for every pad sold!

We weave all of our rugs by hand here in our Virginia studio, near the Sperryville gateway to the Shenandoah National Park.  We weave our room-size rugs on a twelve-foot wide loom that uses compressed air for beating and raising the heavy harnesses.  The shuttles are wound and thrown by hand.  All of our other looms are totally manual and require no energy consumption other than our own labor. 

We ship all of our rugs in recycled boxes.  We hope the last user’s marks are excused by the environmental advantages.

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