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Take advantage of great prices on colorways we discontinue as color trends evolve and fabrics are discontinued. The stock is limited to the sizes listed below, however the designs are still available as special orders. (Rugs smaller than 35 sq. ft. require an additional fee to set up a loom.)
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Kentucky Stripes© (cotton) 

Broad multi-colored stripes combined with an intricately patterned background give a touch of intelligence to this rug. Woven with double warp for extra durability and design emphasis.

Kentucky Stripes 5 - Click to Enlarge
2.5'x4' - $35.00
only three left

Reproduction and Vintage Carpet

Locust Grove Room View - Click to Enlarge

Locust Grove - Click to Enlarge
Locust Grove
3'x5' - $86.00
only two left


Floor coverings in early American homes included a variety of flat-woven carpets - among them the familiar rag carpet. Strips of fabric carefully cut from household textiles too worn for other use were sewn together and wound into balls. 

This material was recycled into rugs on the home loom or perhaps by an itinerant rug weaver. To recreate the antique quality we use a finer weaving scale of 5 to 6 rows per inch and choose cloth typical of the era, sometimes over-dyeing or bleaching fabrics to approximate aging. 

Weaver's Choice Wool is a selection of favorite rugs that we have perfected over the years. Woven of resilient and long-wearing wool fabric strips and cotton warp, these rugs feel great underfoot. All Weaver's Choice Wool rugs are washable except for "Keeneland". Care instructions are included with each rug.
Cobblestone© (wool & cotton) 
Alternate rows of thick wool and thin yarn in a widely-spaced warp produce a wonderfully textured, plush wool rug.

Rhyme & Reason 1 - Click to Enlarge
CS1 - Moss
2.5'x4' - $54.00
3'x5' - $89.75

Keeneland© (wool & cotton) 
Liven up your room with one of these handsome plaids from Kentucky's horse country.

Keeneland Collection


KL1 - Moss, Dark Brown, Red, Black,
Khaki, & Cream
36" x 38" - $89.75
only one left

KL2 - Burgundy, Denim, Sage, Black,
Khaki, & Cream

2.5'X4' - $54.00
3'X5' - $89.75

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