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Reproduction and Vintage Carpet

After careful analysis of antique rugs from the 1800's, I have reproduced some favorites from this era.  To recreate the antique quality I use a finer weaving scale of 5 to 6 rows per inch and choose cloth typical of the era, sometimes over-dyeing or bleaching fabrics to approximate aging.

Antique early American list and Venetian rag "carpets" are the documents for this collection of authentic patterns. The combination of subdued and rich colors displayed in broad stripes and large plaids preserve these vintage floor coverings.  Reproduction Rugs are woven with 100% cotton warp and cotton or cotton-blend fabric strips.  Each rug is washable (care instructions included). Historical Reproductions are available in the following selections:

Jacob Hiestandt

Jacob Hiestandt (JH1) was reproduced from a photograph of an antique carpet in Winterthur Museum’s collection.

Additional colorways were developed to complement this wonderful design that features a dark and light “log cabin” element in the center of each stripe.  

Jacob Hiestandt 1 - Click to Enlarge
Jacob Hiestandt 2 - Click to Enlarge


  • JH1 - Red Gound with Blue, Bronze Gold,
    Avocado and Natural Stripes
  • JH2 - Dark Navy Ground with Red, Bronze Gold, Avocado and Natural Stripes


Jacob Hiestandt 4 - Click to Enlarge
Jacob Hiestandt 4

Jacob Hiestandt 1 -  Room View - Click to Enlarge
Jacob Hiestandt 1

Jacob Hiestandt 3 -  - Click to Enlarge
Jacob Hiestandt 4  - Click to Enlarge
  • JH3 - Butternut Ground with Black, Bronze Gold, Avocado and Natural Stripes
  • JH4 - Loden Ground with Brick,
    Bronze Gold, Rust and Black Stripes

Lititz Pike

The documentation for this warp-faced design is a lovely faded antique rag runner found in central Pennsylvania. 


LP1 - Click to Enlarge
LP2 - Click to Enlarge

  • LP1 - Khaki and Tan patterned ground with Sage, Old Gold, Black, Tan, Khaki, and Rust stripes
  • LP2 - Khaki and Tan patterned ground with Sage, Old Gold, Black, Tan, Khaki, and Barn Red stripes
  • LP4 - Khaki and Tan patterned ground with Blue, Dark Navy, Black, Tan, Khaki, and Denim stripes. 
Lititz Pike 2 shown at Shaker Village - Click to Enlarge
Lititz Pike LP2
shown at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill
in Harrodsburg, Kentucky


A warp-faced design of alternating small bars and blocks adapted from an early Pennsylvania rug. 

Mosaic 1 - Click to Enlarge
Mosaic 3 - Click to Enlarge
Mosaic 3 - Click to Enlarge
Mosaic 5C - Click to Enlarge
  • M1 - Sage, Tan, Walnut Brown, Camel
  • M3 - Sage, Linen, Barn Red, Khaki
  • M4 - Denim, Country Blue, Dark Navy, Khaki
  • M5C - Black, Red Brown, Charcoal, Camel
Striped Mosaic shown in Kitchen Design - Click to Enlarge
Striped Mosaic

Venetian Carpet

Venetian carpet was the most popular rug choice in the first half of nineteenth century America. Its distinguishing characteristic is the brightly colored striping that occurs in the warp threads spaced so closely together that they actually cover the filler or weft.

Venetian Carpet 1 - Click to Enlarge
Venetial Carpet 2 - Click to Enlarge
Variation on Venetian Carpet 2 - Click to Enlarge
  • VC1 - Tan, Red, Charcoal, Sage, Black & Gold
  • VC2 - Red, Green, Celadon, Tan, Brown & Gold
  • VC2var - Red, Loden, Sage, Tan, Brown & Gold 
Vintage Ticking - Click to Enlarge
Just Stripes 1 - Click to Enlarge
Indian Summer - Click to Enlarge
  • Vintage Ticking - Maize, Adobe, Avocado, Charcoal, Blue
  • Just Stripes - Loden, Kentucky Cardinal, Cocoa, Maize, Natural
  • Indian Summer - Adobe, Khaki, Turquoise, Maize, Olive

There is little evidence that these rugs were ever produced in Venice, but the name could have been associated with the reputation Venice's many dye houses had for their brightly colored fabrics. Our rugs capture the essence of these handsome striped carpets and are extremely durable at 36 warp threads per inch.

Federal Hill

Federal Hill was reproduced from an antique rug in a private collection.

Federal Hill - Click to Enlarge
Federal Hill Variation - Click to Enlarge
  • FH - Hit & Miss Ground with Dark Red, Salem Blue, Mustard and Brown Stripes
  • FHV - Hit & Miss Ground with Cranberry, Muted Rose, Teal and Sage Stripes

After reweaving the deteriorating original, I decided to reproduce the lovely hues in this striped rug with “hit & miss” background.

Federal Hill - Room-Sized View - Click to Enlarge

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Rug Sizes and Prices

  • RF='Running Foot'
    SF='Square Foot'
  • Sizes with * are available for immediate shipment.
  • Length does not include 3" fringe at each end.
  • Rugs are priced in standard sizes for convenience but are available in any size.
  • Please allow approximately four to eight weeks for completion.
  • Custom rugs smaller than 35 sq ft require an additional fee to set up a loom.  Please inquire. 
  • See Ordering Info for more information ordering custom-sized rugs and finish options.
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