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Block Design

This design is a lovely blend of color and weaving technique known in Sweden as 'Ripsmatta' or rep weave. The design is achieved by using a very closely set cotton warp in alternating colors, as well as alternating a thick and thin weft. The result is a wonderful geometric design of squares and rectangles that is extremely durable and easy to care for. The ends are self-bound for a clean finish appropriate to this design.

Block Design rugs are easy to custom-color and can be custom-woven to include a border or other pattern variations. Block Design rugs may also be custom-ordered in wool. Please inquire.

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Living Room with Block Design Rug
Block Design 5-Var in the Living Room
  • BD2 - Linen, Bisque, Ivory
  • BD3 Variation - Walnut Brown, Terra Cotta, Rust
  • BD4 - Denim, Slate Blue
BLock Design 7 in a Hall
Block Design 7 in the Hall




  • BD5 - Black, Walnut
  • BD5 Var - Black, Charcoal, Khaki
  • BD7 - Dijon, Sage, Terra Cotta
  • BD8 - Aqua, Aegean, Willow, French Blue


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Rug Sizes and Prices

  • RF='Running Foot'
    SF='Square Foot'
  • Sizes with * are available for immediate shipment.
  • Length does not include 3" fringe at each end.
  • Rugs are priced in standard sizes for convenience but are available in any size.
  • Please allow approximately four to eight weeks for completion.
  • Custom rugs smaller than 35 sq ft require an
    additional fee to set up a loom.Please inquire.
  • See Ordering Info for more information about
    ordering custom-sized rugs and finish options.
Block Design
Custom Colors
*2' x 3'
$86.50 114.00
2' wide runners 29.00/RF $38.00/RF
*2.5' x 4'    $139.00     $190.00  
2.5' wide runners   $36.00/RF  $48.00/RF
*3' x 5'   $217.50  $285.00
3' wide runners  $44.00/RF  $57.00/RF
4' x 6' and larger   $21.50/SF  $25.00/SF

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