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The Weaver's Choice Wool

Weaver's Choice Wool is a selection of favorite wool rugs that Harriet has perfected over the years. Woven of resilient and long-wearing wool, these rugs feel great underfoot. All Weaver's Choice Wool rugs are washable in cold water. Care instructions are included with each rug.

Ribbed Rug © (New Zealand wool and jute) 
Alternate rows of bundled wool and fine strands of jute create a wonderfully serene, hardwearing natural fiber rug.  Please inquire about custom-dyed wool for room-size rugs.

RR3 - Red Rock
RR4 - Chicory
RR5 - Black

RR6 - Tea
RR7 - Autumn Gold
Ribbed Rug Group

Hit & Miss© (wool) 
This traditional random design blends colors in a classic look. This design is easy to custom color. Please inquire.


  • HM3 - Hues of Dark Red, Garnet
  • HM5 - Browns, Rust, Moss, Camel
  • HMG - Copper, Curry, Smoke Blue, Oasis, Cypress, Sand and Camel
  • HMS - Red, Paprika, Denim, Mustard, Oatmeal, Camel, Sequoia and Lavender

Cobblestone© (wool) 
Alternate rows of thick wool and thin cotton produce a wonderfully textured, plush rug.

Cobblestone Collection

Basketweave© (wool) - Custom Order Only
Basketweave A very thick plush carpet woven with lustrous wool yarn in both warp and weft and finished with a hand-tied macramé fringe.  Please inquire about colors and pricing.

Wool Block Design© - A contemporary block design featuring long-wearing wool warp and weft.  It can be finished with self-bound or fringed ends.

Wool Reverse Twill © - An unusual design featuring a graphic zigzag of opposing twill directions and bordered by a contrasting-colored warp.  It is finished with a decorative binding and twisted-ply fringe or self-bound ends.

Both rugs are available only in area or room-size by custom order. They are easy to custom-color.  Please inquire.

Wool Block Design
Block Design - Russett,
Persimmon, Redrock, Driftwood
(one 6’ x 9’ in stock)
Reverse Twill
Reverse Twill
Russett, Walnut and Driftwood

Weaver’s Choice Cotton
and Block Design rugs may be custom-ordered in wool.  Please inquire.

Visit our Rug Details Page for information on Custom Rug Ordering, Finish Options,
Swatch Service, Return Policy, Gift Certificates, and more.

Rug Sizes and Prices
  • RF='Running Foot'
    SF='Square Foot'
  • Sizes with * are available for immediate shipment.
  • Length does not include 3" fringe at each end.
  • Rugs are priced in standard sizes for convenience,
    but are available in any size.
  • Please allow approximately four to eight weeks for completion.
  • Custom rugs smaller than 35 sq ft require an
    additional fee to set up a loom.  Please inquire. 
  • See Ordering Info for more information about
    ordering custom-sized rugs and finish options.
Weaver's Choice
Wool Rugs
Stock Colors Custom Colors
*2.5' x 4'     $124.50   $195.50
2.5' wide runners   $31.00/RF $49.00/RF
*3' x 5'   $206.50 $293.50
3' wide runners  $41.50/RF $59.00/RF
4' x 6' and larger  $24.00/SF $26.50/SF
add for Thick Hit & Miss $13.75/SF
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